Founded in 2016, Urban Farm Tech aims to integrate farming in the city through innovative technology. The idea was deeply inspired by two factors, my grandmother and wanting to provide my children with trusted fresh, healthy food.

I lived with my grandmother as a child. Growing up, she instilled a sense of pride and achievement towards growing our own produce. While gardening and harvesting, she'd always tell me stories of hardship during the colonial era and how each produce is a labour of love.

Now that I have my own children, I hope to pass on her values to them.

Today, Urban Farm Tech is a growing team who are passionate about technology and exploring farming in the city.

We realised that our cities are ill-equipped to support traditional farming methods. In Urban Farm Tech, we provide urban aquaponics facilities that combine all different farming concepts to support healthy growth within a minimal space.

We also provide workshops and for urban dwellers who want to kick start their urban farming project.

Together with my children and team, we learn and experience how to grow our own cherry tomato, bitter gourd and vegetables from our little urban farm.

We feel that growing food beyond our little balcony should be for all the people!