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Urban Farm Tech offers services to businesses, individuals, and organizations that seek to transform their corporate culture into ESG and sustainability ready. We're here to assist you with your transition and look forward to working with you along the way. 

Design and build

Urban Farm Tech offers design and build services that encompasses a comprehensive scope of work. Our responsibilities range from initial project concept and architectural design to managing construction, ensuring compliance with regulations, sourcing materials, and coordinating subcontractors. We provide turnkey solutions, handling every aspect from planning to execution, while prioritizing cost-efficiency, quality, and timely completion. We're excellent engineers.

Training & Maintenance

We understand that sometimes you need processes in place to help your internal team manage your project, whether it's a system we've built or not. We are able to step in, provide training and design a special maintenance plan for your project.

Technical Support

Maintenance of an aquaponic or hydroponic system is crucial, regular maintenance ensures thriving ecosystems with good yield. We provide technical support for all types of hydroponic and aquaponic systems. This service includes troubleshooting issues related to water quality, fish health, and plant growth. It also involves guiding system optimization, offering expertise on nutrient cycling, and assisting with equipment maintenance.

Nature Class

Workshops & programmes

We provide organisations and educational institutions that are interested in learning more about the topic of sustainability and the part that we play in the preservation of our world with the planning and execution of experiential learning programmes and workshops. 

Learn from experienced trainers and get hands-on experience to learn how to incorporate sustainability into your life with these sustainability-focused workshops. Want us to conduct workshops on your premises, drop us an email here:

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