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Our journey of inspiration since 2016

The average age of Malaysia's farmers is
53 years old. As of 2018, RM 52 billion is spent on importing food annually.  

At Urban Farm Tech, we genuinely believe that youths are the future. Hence, we chose to sow the seeds of hope, inspiring and enriching their learning experience with modern agriculture.

Investing in our youths today impacts our food security tomorrow.

A bridge for social change.

Entrepreneurial: UFT provides full support to every school with each of our projects, from 'seeds' to 'sell'. Students are often encouraged and guided to start their own business by selling the crops grown from our farming systems to their local communities.

Health: Vegetables grown from UFT's system are 100% free of pesticide, which makes it safer for people to consume. Other than that, with the students operating the whole process of growing their own food, it leads them to have a proper mindset of appreciating hardwork of farmers.  

Education: UFT project with schools brings learning to live, teachers report that attendance of students have drastically improved after introducing such interactive learning method to the students. Our projects also integrate with S.T.E.M education. 

Food Security: Turning unused space or wall into fully functional food growing system is always UFT's goal. With UFT's system adapted to schools, it will make fresh food supply more accessible to the local communities as well as the schools itself.

Special Education: UFT project allows students with special needs to learn a new life skills, from operating, maintaining the systems to selling the produce. Encouraging them to unleash their potential no matter which category of special needs education they are in, which is physical, developmental, behavioral or sensory impaired. 

Our Journey with Schools

SMK Sultan Abdul Samad

As of 2020, UFT successfully implemented an urban farming system to grow up to 1,200 pots of vegetables per cycle for special education students (PPKI) and achieved recognition from the community council as of 2019.

Impact Created:
Teachers from SMK SAS: 30 people

Teachers from other schools: 60 people
Total Students: 150 students
Total Community Members: 60 people


SK Bukit Lanjan

We successfully converted a old fish pond into an aquaponics system that also utilize a vacant wall as the space to hold the planting system. This conversion created a outdoor learning classroom for the indigenous students to learn Living Skills and Academic Subjects in a much more interactive and interesting method.

"Interesting and interactive content that leads to great improvement on students attendance" said Mohamad Rosli, the teacher in charge of this project.

Impact Created:
Total Teachers: 10 people
Total Students: 60 student


SK Sungai Judah Asli

We successfully transformed an abandoned fish pond into another aquaponic system, this time, together with the local residents. We work closely with the principle of the school to design a suitable project plan to obtain a funder for this project. 

Impact Created:
Total Teachers: 10 people
Total Students: 60 student


SK Bukit Tampoi Dengkil

Another successful conversion project from traditional soil farming to aquaponics farming system for this indigenous school. This conversion solved their issues of growing plants with unsuitable soil. This project turns out to be a huge success and the students now enjoy the amazing harvest from every cycle.

Impact Created:
Total Teachers: 8 people
Total Students: 80 student


SK Alai Melaka

Once again, another successful collaboration with a school that is full of passion for enabling interactive and meaningful education to their students. The teachers are amazingly cooperative and supportive of having a farming system for the students to learn better. 

This project is executed smoothly with the best teamwork from the teachers and students.

Impact Created:
Total Teachers: 12 people
Total Students: 120 student

Image by laura s

Support Our
Ongoing Project

A project that aims to help Malaysian food security.

A project that nurtures the hidden talents of youths.

A project that supports the local communities.

A project that improves citizens' quality lifestyle.

Join us and make a change

You are one step away from making a social change.

Your support allows our students to have a meaningful learning journey.

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