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Around the World Urban Farms Part II

1. Agricool, Paris

Photo Source: Agritecture

An impact-driven startup, Agricool grows strawberries in old containers year-round, accommodating LED-lights and aeroponics powered by clean energy. Also environmentally conscious, Agricool use 90% less water than conventional farming to grow strawberries. The startup also provides training programmes for urban farmers, opening up job opportunities in the agriculture sector in Paris.

2. BIGH Farms, Brussels

Photo Source: BIGH Farms

Building Integrated Greenhouses (BIGH) primarily uses aquaponics system and constructs designs that integrate aquaponics with existing buildings in Europe. In other words, each farm design is complementary to the condition of the respective building. Established in 2018, BIGH’s first pilot was located on Abattoir (a historic building in Brussels), consisting of a fish farm, a greenhouse with an addition of 2000 square meters outdoor garden.

3. Farmizen, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Surat

Photo Source: Farmizen

Taking community farming online, Farmizen is a mobile App that allocates its user a 600 square foot farm for him/her to visit, farm, and harvest organic produce. When the user is away, their farms will be maintained by Farmworkers, an initiative by Farmizen to create job opportunities for the lower-income groups. Farmizen currently has 40 acres of land under cultivation and 1500 subscribers across cities in India.

Want to know how to get started with your own vegetable farm at home through urban farming? Simply reach out to us at or give us a call at

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