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UFT Features: Tiny Greens

The big brains behind Tiny Greens include U-Jean (a chef), Justin Lee (an architect) and Melissa Hsu (an IT Specialist).

Tiny Greens Team (L-R : Ooi U-Jean, Melissa Hsu & Justin Lee)

Many reasons had contributed to the conception of Tiny Greens. U-Jean, with a culinary background, played with the idea of growing microgreens locally instead of relying on importations. On the other hand, the team was keened to introduce microgreens to Malaysian consumers in hope of variegating Malaysian menu and adding greater availability of flavours to our food.

The team were also concerned about the negative environmental impacts brought by the food supply chain, namely incessant deforestation and high carbon footprint, especially when the means of food production of conventional farming have been pushed away to the countryside hence high food miles will be generated.

Tiny Greens offers a variety of microgreens.

Through Tiny Greens, Melissa and team set their minds on reintroducing farming within the city as a means of diversifying and further enriching the urban programme. By producing food indoors in cities, unconventional yet innovative methods have to be adapted to efficiently grow high volumes of food using smaller land footprint.

For Melissa and team, running Tiny Greens is one way they further their environmentally conscious vision. For instance, Tiny Greens’ entire delivery — from planting to packaging is recyclable, reusable, and compostable.

Considering urban farming is highly competitive, Tiny Greens stands out by building close offline and online engagements with their community, other than delivering great quality produce. They draw heavy emphasis on their personalised service, making sure not only their F&B customers are happy, but their customers at home are delighted as well.

Tiny Greens Bazaar booth

Tiny Greens also play on their strengths to build their brand on social media whereby various formats of content are experimented and produced. Tiny Greens’ social media features educational and informational posts, from fun recipe videos a.k.a ‘Talk To Tiny’ to featuring their favourite food joints with fun hashtags and many more! They have even worked on customised postcards to send out to their customers — little things that they believe can make a lot of differences!

Tiny Greens ‘Talk To Tiny’ IGTV

It’s also vital for Tiny Greens to show their support and give back to the community, hence their continuous collaborations with the local businesses. They have worked with local artists to feature their artwork on Tiny Greens’ products. Festivals such as the Raya season are also good opportunities for them to work with the F&B industry to come up with Raya special products. To date, they have collaborated with Provisions, Breakfast by Amy, Dantes, & Auntie Hsu Bakes.

Tiny Greens Festive Bundle (Raya Collab with F&B)

RAYA 2020 -Watercolour, Hand Drawn and Hand Lettered Postcards

Last year’s MCO had reemphasised the importance of local food production, in which Tiny Greens were able to consistently supply fresh microgreens to the community. With greater sales and demand they hope to expand and hopefully introduce microgreens to other states and cities in Malaysia. Besides that, they would also like to encourage more people to plant their own microgreens at home with our Grow Kits – to reintroduce the love for fresh, healthy produce right at their very own homes.

Tiny Greens Grow Kit

Want to know how to get started with your own vegetable farm at home through urban farming? Simply reach out to us at or give us a call at

+6012 666 7474 and look for Francis.

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