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Bill Gates’s Sustainable Investments

Photo Source: The Land Report

Outsiders may not easily connect the Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates to agriculture, but the billionaire is now America’s largest farmland owner, possessing 242,000 acres of farmland spanning California, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, and other states in America.

In fact, many interpret the revelation as unsurprising, considering his investments in climate-related agricultural developments. Many of these purchases were managed by Michael Larson under the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

So, what can we understand from this piece of information?

In January 2020, the Land Report, an organisation made of farmland owners and operators in America launched the sustainability standard in agriculture. Call it a pattern or a coincidence, but sustainability has been the topic of conversation over the past few years in tandem with the rise of climate change issues.

Other than buying farmland, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has initiatives (e.g. Gates Ag One) that push for research in sustainable farming that aims to empower smallholder farmers through heightened adaptability to climate change and increase food security in developing countries.

Gate’s has also invested millions in Impossible Foods, a company that produces plant-based meat products with iron and protein content similar to actual meat.

Agriculture and food production is clearly not a one-directional sector. There are many factors to account for, and Gate’s track record of sustainable investing illustrates a direction at climate change, food security, and financial security.

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