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Aquaponics System Project For A Montessori Preschool

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Aug 29, 19 • Urban Farm Tech

Location: Mont Kiara, Selangor, Malaysia.

On 12th May, we received a call from a lady who were willing to donate 1 set of Aquaponics System to her son's preschool for the children to learn about food system and environment. 

The next morning, we went for site visit to understand that situation. The teacher from the school told us that they hope to convert the vacant space showed in the photo below to a place for children to learn about aquaponics and have fun with the fishes. 

We set out to work on the design by applying our Aquaponics VT4 module system for create a L-shape Aquaponics system that combines grow-bed and Vertical farming concept which allows plants to grow at the grow-bed and leafy vegetables at the vertical farming module. Both modular system are connected to share the same nutrient rich water from the fish tank, we named it as mini Decoupled Aquaponics design concept. Decoupled Aquaponics design will allow higher flexibility in term of operation, both modular system can run independently in certain requirement scenario.

Our modular system and material arrived, the first step was to position them in the designated location.

Continue to install the remaining of the planting system 

Work done and start to fill up the fish tank with water, everything went well as planned. We completed this project during the school holiday and we could imagine how excited they will be when they see the fish once they come back from the holiday.

We had a small opening ceremony and brief to the students on what Aquaponics is all about and tell them the do & don’t. We explained to them their responsibility on the system. 

Now, the system is working well with fishes and vegetables that have just been transplanted by the children. We will wait for another month to see what happens. The children looked forward to what will happen next.

Job done together with the children ! 

Deng ..Deng.. Deng..Deng .. 

After 1 month of hard work by the children(Feeding the fish on timely ^-^) with the assistance from teachers, it is now harvesting time! Everyone of them are happy and enjoy the moment, and interestingly all of them ate the vegetables they grow themselves.

Now, we inspire them with some new ideas about how we can grow food in our urban environment by using Aquaponics & Vertical Farming method. It is our privilege to bring the fun of farming to the school and we hope to do more with other schools

Please give us a call if you would like to sponsor Aquaponics system for schools as part of your CSR program.

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