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Around the World Urban Farms

With the rise of urban farming comes innovative ways agriculture is integrated into urban life. Novel ways of implementing urban farms are set up all around the world. Let’s take a look:

Pasona Group, Tokyo.

Photo source: dezeen

Pasona Group, a staffing company in Tokyo unconventionally transformed their office into a literal farm. There, you can find tomato plants suspended from the ceiling above conference rooms; a functioning lobby centrepiece that is a paddy field; working space surrounded by herbs; flowers and orange trees that make up double-skin green facade across the nine-story building. The building houses over 200 species of plants, intended to foster a sense of community and innovative thinking amongst employees.

Prinzessinnengarten, Berlin

Photos source: Prinzessinnengarten

There is something romantic about the idea of an urban farm tucked in between Berlin Walls, unused subway stops and graffitied concrete buildings. Here in Prinzessinnengarten —which directly translates to Princess Garden— pesticides-free fruits and vegetables are grown in any vacant spaces, turning wasteland into green land that slowly dominates Berlin city.

FARM: shop, London

Photos source: FARM:shop

Paving way for the farm-to-table concept, this farm in the shop is divided into farming areas and a cafe. The cafe provides a unique dining experience with food served from on-site fruits and vegetables grown using the aquaponics system. Customers are surrounded by the calming sound of flowing water and fresh greens. Occasionally, the shop also functions as an event space hosting exhibitions by local artists.

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