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Spreading Awareness On Aquaponics Urban Farming Program Through Schools In Malaysia

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Aug 28, 19 • Urban Farm Tech

Aquaponics is not just a farming system but an excellent education platform for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic.

We started classroom briefing to the students about Aquaponics and why we need to start urban farming. We explain to them how the nature works in Aquaponics system and the process of Aquaponics that involves  knowledge in science. 

Outside of the classroom, we will show the students the actual setup and explain to them how the system work by show and tell. Many of them may be seeing Aquaponics system for the first time and it will inspire them to grow their own food. 

It creates interest among them and some of them will begin asking questions. We try to explain to them in an easy to understand manner to encourage them to explore further.

Special thanks to SK Sekysen Shah Alam 19 whom invite us to bring Aquaponics into school for the students to experience and learn about urban farming innovation. We hope we will inspire more urban farmers toward sustainable living. 

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