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UFT Features: Lubis Farm and Aquaculture

Do you know that aquaculture is part of urban farming too? Let’s hear from Lubis Farm on their unique use of the Biofloc system in raising their fish!

Founded in 2018, Mr. Ihsan and his wife took over her family business to kick start Lubis Farm — an aquaculture farm based in Janda Baik and Subang Bestari.

"In Lubis Farm, a Biofloc floc system is adopted to raise the fish. An uncommon practice in Malaysia, Biofloc is a system where a probiotic mix is used to regulate the water quality in the tank through balancing the carbon-nitrogen ratio. Globally, the Biofloc system is considered the ideal aquaculture system as it requires lower setup capital as compared to a conventional recirculating system. Furthermore, the technology is low waste, and gives higher stocking capacity when combined with round canvas tanks."

Lubis Farm specializes in raising African catfish fed with 100% pellets. Returning customers have complimented their fish for its low-fat meat, freshness, and cleanliness.

In relation to the development of aquaculture in Malaysia, Mr. Ihsan thinks that we are falling behind in terms of its exposure and technology. Hence, Lubis Farm is currently developing training programs that could help introduce aqua farmers to the benefits of Biofloc technology. They also consistently collaborate with Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)— where his wife is pursuing a Master’s degree in Aquaculture — for farm visitations and education. Through expanding the aquaculture sector in Malaysia, he hopes that one day our food supply would eventually meet our demand.

Lubis Farm runs by direct contact and delivery. Interested buyers can reach out to them here.

Want to know how to get started with your own vegetable farm at home through urban farming? Simply reach out to us at or give us a call at +6012 666 7474 and look for Francis.

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