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Urban Farming Innovation as part of landscaping In Malaysia

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Aug 28, 19 • Urban Farm Tech

Vertical farming involves the use of vertically inclined surfaces such as walls or stacks to grow food. The confluence of aquaponics and vertical farming results in having a natural ecosystem on a small, manageable space

In city, there are plenty of walls which unused.How to convert this empty wall become a place that we can grow food and inspire the community? 

We come up with an idea to deploy vertical aquaponics system to use the vertical space along the wall to grow food. 

Vertical Farm Wall Concept

Creatively painted the wall to conveying the message about the project. The message was supposed to build anticipation and curiosity among members of the public before the commencement of the project.

Vertical farming module system arrived and waiting for the painting work to be completed before they can be positioned at the designated location.

Installation done and we are going to make this an awesome space.

Start planting and wait for the baby plants and our dream to grow.

Vegetables grow extremely well! Edible Green Wall is now done, and it shows that we can grow food in any environment through urban farming innovation !!

Urban farming can interfere with a city’s visual elements. On the other hand, innovative urban farming can enhance a city’s landscape. Our company aims at working with private developers, architectural and agricultural experts to integrate urban planning and development with urban farming. We are mindful of our cities’ topography, and we aim to use the least disruptive technologies. The key elements of urban farming and landscaping that we take into keen consideration are urban form and function as well as its environmental architecture.

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